Looking for the best discounts? You don’t have to look any further The Mubs bazaar has you covered, its one of the activities to kill for. On 10 – June -2015, six ministers came together and wrote a proposal and not long enough ,propels came flooding where we had the official sponsor as Top Finance Bank were beverage companies like coca-cola , Pepsi and fresh diary, telecom companies like airtel , Vodafone , techno mobile and all Banks around Kampala that’s to say Top FINANCE Bank, Centenary Bank, Stanbic Bank…

On 16 – august – 2015 it kicks off for three weeks officially opened by the MUBS principle after the decline of Mr. Nyombi Thembo. Whooaa….it was like marvelous competition with 31 official exhibitors and the others making 51 in total . These people really had entrepreneurial minds. Techno had great dancers to attract people to their exhibition area, Samona did an acqusite job for the ladies where they had to only buy a product and their got styled in any form they desired plus the musicians like Chameleon and Mun-G that made it more amazing. Mr. Jakya did an undoable Aerobics tactics……he left most of us wondering How could he do that ??? . The wonderfully shaped models for the Miss Social media awards where …was crowned, congs girl. The vision church also organized a friendly match and guitar competions. While all the activities were going on one could grab a muchomo stick, popcorn, ice cream and a beverage of your choice no one could dare miss any step of the activities.

Just as seasons come and go. The occasion came with reward as Techno won the pool table challenge and the best branding exhibitor plus ITEL too . Samona was the most active. The students mc as Kagoba John. And just like that am eagerly waiting for the 2016 Bazaar... FRIDAH


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