This is the body that seeks student’s representation and or participation in or on organs of the school administration as stipulated in the guild constitution.


  • To establish an efficient students Government;
  • To promote and develop an entrepreneurial and business minded students
  • To promote academic excellence and cultivate desirable morals
  • To work with, consult and or negotiate with Makerere University, Makerere University Business School Administration and other bodies in matters affecting the students;
  • To work in co-operation with other student and non student’s organization and establish friendly relations and understanding when and where it is not the detriment of the school and country.


  • The Guild Executive

This constitutes the Guild President and his or her vice who is the top representative of the student’s composition his power extend representing the students on the top most organs of the school Administration and also the chair person of the executive meetings.

It also composed of Guild Ministers who are 18 in number and play various roles to enable the effectiveness of the guild and the school administration’

  • The composition of the Guild Representative council

This is the supreme legislative body of the Guild it includes;

The speaker who chairs legislative meetings, the Deputy Speaker, the Clerk who is in charge of writing down minute in their legislative meeting of and Deputy Clerk to Council.

  • The Guild representative councilors

These represent deferent programs in the institution and in their meetings raise students concerns also pass polices including amendments of the existing ones basing on the Guild Constitution. The play big role in making decision on behalf of the student’s body.

Other Parties in the guild include;

  • The financial advisor who handles any matters arising to do with Guild Finances.
  • The Legal Advisor who advises the Guild on leangle matter According to the Guild constitution.
  •  The Guild Administrator who over sees the work of the students leaders and seats at the Guild offices

The Dean of Students

This is the body co-ordinates all the activities run by the guild and also mediator between the school Administration and the student’s guild. It generally deals with students concerns in various aspects where they are not detriment of the school and the country.


This is the 19th Guild Government under the leadership of His Excellence Don Patrick Bugingo as the Guild President introduces to you this link with the aim of availing information about the students Guild and activities done in their capacity as students’ representatives.

The Guild information ministry brings this link to ease information flow in the shortest time possible and as due .This will create awareness among students and any other parties with interest impacting the Guild and the school administration positively.

This team had its motor, Together we can achieve better we believed in the combined minds to attain any   success that we want to see. This shows a sign of togetherness and unity where every feel part of the team and the work done in that one will be grateful for that success.

We also had five key areas of concern to address in our term of offices and these were ;Education, communication, welfare , Finance and religion as manifested by the president in his manifesto .As a team we worked together to see fundamental improvement in the above key areas alongside others.

The team involved; the School Administration, the guild leadership headed by H.E Don Patrick Bugingo which included the 24 executive members, 84 guild representative councilors, over 249 course leaders and the students body .all the above parties did their part in their respective capacity to enable the success of our manifestations as well as enabling the smoothing of the entire MUBS.

We attained great success vivid in the various activities held by different ministers, the close relationship with; the school administration and management, the students’ composition and other external organizations. We worked together in unity, coordination and harmony with high respect of each other’s capacity.

I can proudly say that the 19th Guild Government has been one of the most peaceful and humble government in the history of MUBS that exhibited the universe’s most honored virtues of; integrity, purity and transparency in all we have done. Am grateful for the opportunity to serve as the Information and Public Relation minister on this team that has seen a calm and peaceful reign throughout its time

We most humbly take this pleasure to uplift all the partners, more appreciation to the management and administration for having such an arrangement as part of the school organs and their co-operation we have much enjoyed. We also honor the student’s composition for they were support of our exposure. We are so grateful for the opportunity to serve our fellow students in this great institution.

The 2015/2016 Guild government presents you success in various activities that they have done in service of the students in partnership with the school administration and external organizations. These activities are arranged according to the various ministries in the Guild government.
















To work in co-operation with other student and

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