On the 18th of October 2015, there was yet another page to be written in the social books of MUBS.This event has been an annual arrangement by the Dean of Students office in partnership with the students Guild mainly to officially welcome the first years into the institution. In this ,the students witnessed the hand over of office where former chief fresher Patience Nagaba 2014/2015 to newly sworn in Chief Fresher Hon. Awori Emmanuel who took on the mantle of representing  the entire first year students composition of the academic year 2015/16.

This event was one of the activities done by social affairs minister Hon. Sam Nabuyaka and his team who made it catchier than ever, they brought many sponsors on board like PEPSI, UBL that made their drinks available at a cheaper price. The Chief Fresher also made participatory by engaging first years had a chance of exhibiting their talents like dancing and playing instruments that made it more likeable and lively. It also  availed social opportunities where first year students were to win free tickets for Ne-Yo Concert  to Uganda ,this was amazing as he had said,  “I wanted to make it fun”.

This was is a nice arrangements socially where the first years get to interact with the continuing students in various aspects as they get rd of their high school shyness,amaizing!.The event was generally successful and the students enjoyed till late night. With much pleasure, we particularly thank the Dean of Students office in partnership with the Guild and the entire student composition for their efforts.

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