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The marginalization of women has kept them out of leadership positions yet women are reported to be better decision makers, better leaders, and capable of maintaining harmony in the group than men. While affirmative action has increased the number of women in various decision making organs worldwide, there is still a gap in the participation of women in key areas like leadership, science and the corporate world generally.

The MUBS Leadership Centre developed a programme to mentor young university girls, this is intended to prepare them not only to take up leadership positions in various areas of life but also to enable them face the challenges that women ordinarily face in leadership, the corporate and business worlds

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The overall goal of the programme is to empower young women leaders and enable them take up leadership roles both in the corporate & political world.

Specific objectives

• Attracting and empowering potential young women leaders
• Providing prospective leaders with knowledge in leadership & governance.
• Enable participants understand the patriarchal society & why women are locked out in leadership positions.
• Develop participants skills in communication, team building & conflict management & decision making
• Develop participant’s capacity to lead

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MUBS Leadership Centre MUBS Annex Faraday Road, Bugolobi

• Training
• Attachment
• Professionalism

Expected Outcome
• A group of young enthusiastic women leaders created
• Knowledgeable young women leaders created
• Awareness about the causes of women exclusion from leadership
• A group of young competent women leaders developed

Target Audience
• MUBS female students
• MUBS Young Women employees

Six sessions

• MUBS female students 70,000shs
• Young women employees 150,000 shs

A certificate awarded at the end of the sessions

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* Effective Leadership
* Effective Board Management
* Team Building
* Public Speaking
* Conflict Management
* Leadership in High Schools

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Join us and prepare to become a CEO, Minister, Executive Director, President, Board member, Managing Director, among other top managementand leadership positions

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